Today, October 21st Birthdays
Zodiac Sign: Libra, the BalanceBirthstone: OpalBirth Flower: Calendula
No PhotoWill Estes Is 36 Today
Birth Date: October 21, 1978
Birth Place: Los Angeles, California, USA
MiniBio: Actor:
No PhotoMichael McMillian Is 36 Today
Birth Date: October 21, 1978
Birth Place: Olathe, Kansas, USA
MiniBio: Actor:
No PhotoJeremy Miller Is 38 Today
Birth Date: October 21, 1976
Birth Place: West Covina, California, USA
MiniBio: Actor: He played "Ben Seaver" on the TV series "Growing Pains" (1985-1992).
No PhotoCharlie Lowell Is 41 Today
Birth Date: October 21, 1973
Birth Place: Rochester, New York, USA
MiniBio: Musician: He is the pianist and keyboardist for the Christian Alternative Folk Rock group, Jars of Clay.
No PhotoMelora Walters Is 46 Today
Birth Date: October 21, 1968
Birth Place: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
MiniBio: Actress:
No PhotoChris Hamrick Is 48 Today
Birth Date: October 21, 1966
Birth Place: Bristol, Tennessee, USA
MiniBio: Pro Wrestler:
No PhotoKen Watanabe Is 55 Today
Birth Date: October 21, 1959
Birth Place: Koide, Niigata, Japan
MiniBio: Actor:
No PhotoSteve Lukather Is 57 Today
Birth Date: October 21, 1957
Birth Place: San Fernando Valley, California, USA
MiniBio: Musician: He is a Grammy-winning guitarist, singer, songwriter, arranger, and record producer best known for his work with the Rock band, Toto.
No PhotoCarrie Fisher Is 58 Today
Birth Date: October 21, 1956
Birth Place: Beverly Hills, California, USA
MiniBio: Actress:
No PhotoCharlotte Caffey Is 61 Today
Birth Date: October 21, 1953
Birth Place: Santa Monica, California, USA
MiniBio: Musician: She is best known as the guitarist in the all-girl Rock band, The Go-Go's.
No PhotoLee Loughnane Is 68 Today
Birth Date: October 21, 1946
Birth Place: Elmwood Park, Illinois, USA
MiniBio: Musician: He is the founding member and trumpet player from the Rock band, Chicago.
No PhotoButch Miller Is 70 Today
Birth Date: October 21, 1944
Birth Place: Wellington, New Zealand
MiniBio: Pro Wrestler: Bushwhacker Butch
No PhotoJudge Judy Sheindlin Is 72 Today
Birth Date: October 21, 1942
Birth Place: Brooklyn, New York, USA
MiniBio: TV Judge:
No PhotoElvin Bishop Is 72 Today
Birth Date: October 21, 1942
Birth Place: Glendale, California, USA
MiniBio: Musician: He is a Blues/Rock musician and guitarist.
No PhotoSteve Cropper Is 73 Today
Birth Date: October 21, 1941
Birth Place: Dora, Missouri, USA
MiniBio: Musician/Songwriter: He is best known as the guitarist in the Rock band, Booker T. and the M.G.'s. He was inducted to The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (as a member of Booker T. and the M.G.'s) in 1992. He was inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame in 2005.
No PhotoManfred Mann Is 74 Today
Birth Date: October 21, 1940
Birth Place: Johannesburg, South Africa
MiniBio: Musician: He is a keyboard player best known as the founding member of the Rock bands, Manfred Mann and Manfred Mann's Earth Band.
No PhotoJoyce Randolph Is 90 Today
Birth Date: October 21, 1924
Birth Place: Detroit, Michigan, USA
MiniBio: Actress: She played "Trixie Norton/Various Characters" (1952-1957) on the TV series "The Jackie Gleason Show" (1952-1959) and she played "Trixie Norton" on the TV series "The Honeymooners" (1955-1956).
No PhotoDizzy Gillespie {97}
Birth Date: October 21, 1917
Birth Place: Cheraw, South Carolina, USA
Death Date: January 6, 1993 (Death age 75)
Death Place: Englewood, New Jersey, USA
MiniBio: Musician: His birth name was John Birks Gillespie. He was a Jazz music trumpeter, bandleader, singer, and composer.
No PhotoOwen Bradley {99}
Birth Date: October 21, 1915
Birth Place: Nashville, Tennessee, USA
Death Date: January 7, 1998 (Death age 82)
Death Place: Nashville, Tennessee, USA
MiniBio: Musician/Songwriter: He was inducted into The Country Music Hall of Fame in 1974.

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