Today, April 23rd Birthdays
Zodiac Sign: Taurus, the BullBirthstone: DiamondBirth Flower: Sweet Pea
No PhotoMatthew Underwood Is 24 Today
Birth Date: April 23, 1990
Birth Place: Fort Pierce, Florida, USA
MiniBio: Actor: He played "Logan Reese" on the TV series "Zoey 101" (2005-2008).
No PhotoBarry Watson Is 40 Today
Birth Date: April 23, 1974
Birth Place: Traverse City, Michigan, USA
MiniBio: Actor:
No PhotoGeorge Lopez Is 53 Today
Birth Date: April 23, 1961
Birth Place: Mission Hills, California, USA
MiniBio: Actor: He played "George Lopez" on the TV series "George Lopez" (2002-2007).
No PhotoValerie Bertinelli Is 54 Today
Birth Date: April 23, 1960
Birth Place: Wilmington, Delaware, USA
MiniBio: Actress: She played "Barbara Cooper" on the TV series "One Day At A Time" (1975-1984). She played "Gloria" (1997-2003) on the TV series "Touched by an Angel" (1994-2003).
No PhotoSteve Clark {54}
Birth Date: April 23, 1960
Birth Place: Yorkshire, England
Death Date: January 8, 1991 (Death age 30)
Death Place: London, England
MiniBio: Musician: He was one of songwriters and co-lead guitarist for the Rock band, Def Leppard.
No PhotoJoyce DeWitt Is 65 Today
Birth Date: April 23, 1949
Birth Place: Wheeling, West Virginia, USA
MiniBio: Actress: She played "Janet Wood" on the TV series "Three's Company" (1976-1984).
No PhotoSandra Dee {70}
Birth Date: April 23, 1944
Birth Place: Bayonne, New Jersey, USA
Death Date: February 20, 2005 (Death age 60)
Death Place: Thousand Oaks, California, USA
MiniBio: Actress:
No PhotoRoy Orbison {78}
Birth Date: April 23, 1936
Birth Place: Vernon, Texas, USA
Death Date: December 6, 1988 (Death age 52)
Death Place: Hendersonville, Tennessee, USA
MiniBio: Musician: He was a Rock music singer-songwriter, well known for his distinctive, powerful voice, complex compositions, and dark emotional ballads. He was inducted into The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1987.
No PhotoShirley Temple Is 86 Today
Birth Date: April 23, 1928
Birth Place: Santa Monica, California, USA
MiniBio: Actress:

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